10 Songs for a Brazilian Road Trip

10 Brazilian songs for a road trip-01

Discover the Ultimate Brazilian Road Trip Playlist: From the soulful melodies of Elis Regina to the upbeat rhythms of Benito di Paula, we’ve curated the perfect soundtrack for your next adventure. Check out our Spotify playlist below and explore even more Brazilian playlists in our series at the bottom of the page. Planning a road trip in Brazil? Don’t hit the road without reading our comprehensive Guide to Driving in Brazil for expert tips and insights. Start your journey with the perfect playlist and essential driving advice today.

Brazilian Songs for a Road Trip

10 Brazilian songs for a road trip-01

Elis Regina: Como Nossos Pais

Djavan: Se

Jorge ben Jor: País Tropical/ Spyro Giro 

Wilson Simonal: Nem Vem que Não Tem

Maria Bethânia: Reconvexo

Benito di Paula: Charlie Brown

Edu Lobo: Ponteio

AnaVitória: Trevo Tu

Kid Abelha: Na Rua, Na Chuva, Na Fazenda 

Legião Urbana: Há Tempos

10 Brazilian Songs for a Road Trip Playlist on Spotify


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