10 Brazilian Songs for the Bath

Brazilian songs for the bath with handrawn watercolour plant

Take some time to relax with our top 10 Brazilian songs for the bath or any relaxation activity of your choice. We’ve chosen soft Brazilian vocalists, acoustic renditions and relaxing Bossa Nova and reggae beats. Here’s the Spotify playlist for Brazilian songs for the bath.

Gilberto Gil: Vamos Fugir

Gilberto Gil has always been at the forefront of promoting Brazilian culture. He was a key member of the Tropicália movement against the Brazilian military coup and served as the minister of culture between 2003 and 2008. His daughter also went on to became a conservation activist through her vegetarian cooking show and books, among other pursuits. Read about Bela Gil in our Brazilian women you should know post.

Nara Leão: Morena do Mar 

Nara Leão is closely affiliated with Bossa Nova music then MPB and later as part of the Tropicália music. Tropicália was centered around constructing clandestine political lyrics against the dictatorship.

Fagner: Borbulhas de Amor   

Raimundo Fagner is a Brazilian musician from the state of Ceará in the Northeast of Brazil. Fagner has recorded with most of the big names in MPB. he came to fame after winning a university talent show in Brasília.

Legião Urbana: Índios 

When rock n roll was on the rise many Brazilian rock bands emerged, adding their own tropical feel to the genre. Legião Urbana was one of the key players in this movement led by the singer Renato Russo, who also went on to record his own solo albums.

Tom Jobim: Águas de Março 

A quintessential Brazilian soundtrack played by one of the founding fathers of the Bossa Nova genre.

Marcelo Jeneci: Felicidade 

Latin Grammy nominated Jeneci is a guitarist, accordionist and songwriter born in São Paulo.

Adriana Calcanhotto: Esquadros 

Adriana Calcanhotto is most famous for her interpretations of popular MPB music, for which she originally rose to fame after performing in bars in Porto Alegre. Calcanhotto also has a disk written for children called “Adriana Partimpim,” a nickname from her childhood.

Caetano Veloso: Menino do Rio

Caetano Veloso has a career spanning … years. He drew attention from his musical movement Tropicália, founded with fellow musician Gilberto Gil in a protest against the 21 year Brazilian dictatorship. Veloso and Gil were exiled for this movement that rallied prominent artists to mix genres and create lyrics in opposition to the military coup. Nowadays, Caetano heads a band with his sons frequently touring nationally and internationally. He has a disk, Un caballero de fina estampa reinterpreting popular Spanish language music and featured in Pedro Almodovar’s Hable Con Ella (Talk to Her).

Raul Seixas: Metamorfose Ambulante

Raul Seixas often used lyrics written by the best selling novelist Paulo Coelho. He pairs incredible poetry with irresistible rock tunes.

Marisa Monte: Gentileza

One of the most beautiful voices on the Brazilian music scene. Marisa Monte adapted the lyrics from a famous mural in Rio de Janeiro that read Gentileza Gera Gentileza (kindness generates kindness). The rest of the music develops the story of how the mural was painted over, but the essence lives on.

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