VIDEO: A Day in Brazil VS England

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Brazil vs England: are you curious?

Brazil a far off tropical land; England a tea loving island. Our question was how much do the two actually differ?

I have squeezed together a good handful of several second videos, each of which capture a glimpse of daily life either in the UK or in Brazil.


So go on, which would you prefer? 




Filming for Brazil VS England (UK whatever…)


I had a LOT of fun filming for this and it was a project that consumed me. It is a teeny lie, but guess what, it wasn’t filmed in two days.


No no.


Three weeks in Brazil and 2 weeks in the UK. Over a  month of filming, that folks is more than most feature length films.


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Moving swiftly on some background on the “professional” filming scenery, foods, sports…


Section 1: Brazil

  • Driving along Ipanema beach. Mountain Dois Irmãos in the background
  • Papaya for breakfast
  • My poor poor yoga skills
  • Ipanema beachfront promenade

Section 2: UK

  • Walking dog in field in Cheshire
  • Crumpets and apple juice for breakfast
  • Momma duck and babies

Section 3: Brazil

  • Piles of fruit in the supermarket in Largo do Machado, Rio de Janeiro
  • Pool side fun
  • Me rockin’ the Rocking chair
  • Motor bikes, they be everywhere.

Section 4: UK

  • Train on Stockport Manchester line
  • Milky coffee
  • English village

Section 5: Brazil

  • Açaí, super food drink
  • Gecko
  • Titanic style elevator
  • More yoga skills

Section 6: UK

Section 7: Brazil

  • Grape juice
  • Underground metro
  • Waves in Buzios
  • Cycling downtown Rio

Section 8: UK

  • Garden centre
  • River
  • Jams
  • Me on a pogo stick

Section 9: Brazil

Section 10: UK

  • Town Centre Manchester
  • Train Manchester Piccadilly
  • My dog


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