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Moving Abroad

Brazilian Culture, History & News




Moving Abroad


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There are moments in your life that I call turnstile events. Though, you may be surprised to learn it can be as little as a comment from your mum.

Mine went like this:

Me “I don’t want to study languages at university because I don’t want to spend a year abroad”

Mum “Don’t be daft”

And just like that 10 years later and I am making my 5th international move, towing along my Brazilian husband.

It is never easy and to be frank most people will never do it. But you my brave eagle are not one of those people and I am here to give you all the support a virtual friend can.




Expat Anecdotes & Resources







Brazilian Culture, History & News

Usually a lighthearted view on the history and cultural aspects of Brazil.

After spending 3 years living there I am fascinated by everything Brazil.

Also started a series to look seriously at some of the issues facing Brazil and some solutions other countries could offer.

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