6 Things to Keep on Your Brazilian Radar this September

Preserved to a tee the white walls and tiled roofs of the central square of Serro, a historical town from colonial Portugal period.

September opens the stage for the stunning Ipê Amarelo to scatter golden blossoms throughout Brazil. A month that marks Brazil’s official independence from Portugal, though they managed to Wrangle Two Independence Days. If you’re lucky you can spot the delightful nests of the Guaxe bird dangling on the low-hanging branches of trees.

Things You Should Know About in September 2022 in Brazil

To mark 200 years of independence, Portugal lent Brazil the embalmed heart of Brazil’s first emperor. Don Pedro I’s heart had a busy 20 day agenda in the tropics.

The last man of his tribe in the area of Tanaru died. He’s been alone for close to 5 decades after attacks on his people in the 1970s. Still a huge fight in the elections.

Sebastião Salgado launched a photography book Amazônia. The book compiles photos of 9 indigenous groups and landscapes based in the Amazonian heart. 

Salgado discusses the 7 year project that is on display in Rio’s Museu de Amanhã until Jan 31, 2023 (in Portuguese).

Is Rio a tad too far? Glimpse the Amazônia collection on Instagram.

Presidential elections in Brazil are in full swing.The Brazilian Report has the run-down including when Bolsonaro incited a crowd to cheer on his man parts. It’s that vulgar you can’t make it up. 😖

Dengo is a Bahian word for affection and loving attention! Remember someone near you needs a little Dengo today! Dengo is also a luxury Brazilian chocolate brand – very fair trade, sustainable and moreish (British for you cannot stop eating).

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