A Duck Named Charlotte

We just got news from Brazil that Charlotte has birthed 9 healthy ducklings. I first heard of Charlotte in 2018. A student bought me a duck egg from his mini farm. He had a yard with a handful of animals and a plant business on the side. Something half-common in the outskirts of Rio.

When Rita saw this duck egg she was immediately intrigued. Dwarfing chicken eggs with a giant of a yolk that sloshed around the plate. You could have swum in that yolk.

It was just a matter of months before she announced she’d bought her own duck. Heck, if you can’t buy a duck egg, just buy a duck. Right!? And then that duck was baptised Charlotte. It’s something closer to “Charla,” because that’s how Rita pronounces my name.

People show they like you in different ways. Some more conventional, like getting coffee and irresponsibly drunk together at the weekend. Some less conventional, like naming their duck after you.

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