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Bem vindo!

What is that giant country that hovers on the left side of the map and crops up every year with its butt shaking sambistas? Why are we not talking about a country that is the size as the USA minus Alaska, Europe minus Russia and with a population bigger than Russia? Brazil Baby!

I know you are here because you have seen that exotic white elephant and you want to know what it wants and how you can get a piece of the action.

Did you know that Brazil impeached (kicked off the pedestal) its most recent president? They are the biggest ammunition dealers in the world (Taurus) and were the last country to abolish slavery.

That makes for a pretty feisty bunch of people.

They also hold the record for football world cups at 5, have the best volleyball team in the world (subjective) and invented the airplane.

That makes a sexy entourage of athletic intellectuals, who will rock your world.

Although you may not know it, Brazil could change your life and this blog is your stepping stone there.

Here I’ve built up a collection of the good and the bad, the adorable and the downright scary of Brazil and I want to impart that knowledge on you!

Footloose Lemon Juice About Brazil Travel Blog

Brazil in a Nutshell & Why you Need a Guide 

You’ve seen City of God. It scared you half to death, but now you hear there are favela tours and you are thinking of signing up. Let’s just stop a minute and remember that City of God is a Hollywood movie. Also the war on drugs is real and relentless.

But what if I told you that favelas are a melting pot full of ingenuity, repressed under a power struggle. What if you could learn about the ins and outs of the culture, politics and business in Brazil and navigate yourself safely on the other side.

Wouldn’t you feel safer heading off with a head full of tips and history in the jungle that is Brazil?

Won’t your dear mum’s heart be at peace waving off a trained traveler rather than a blind one?

And then you still get to do that tour, but with those responsible individuals and with classy groups that can steer you to the food that will have you dreaming of Brazil for years to come.

Yes! We can do it guys. We can win Brazil!

Footloose Lemon Juice About Brazil Travel Blog

How the blog is structured:

There are three categories of posts.

1. Gallivanting

A broad selection of topics spanning from my home town and tourist hub Rio de Janeiro, to the winding villages of the Minas Gerais countryside. This section fits expats looking for answers for bureaucratic messes, as well as passing tourists seeking recommendations and clarifications.



2. Culture Vulture

Brazil news is a humongous topic and it should really be on your reading agenda. I have handpicked the most relevant, critical and mind-boggling news and cultural topics from Brazil and crafted them into thought provoking articles.

This is a section I absolutely love to have conversations on. You have an idea, suggestion, personal insight or solutions start a conversation right there in the post!



3. Love Bugs

I discovered that I just love telling stories. What’s more is my Brazilian partner and I seem to fall into situations that just lend themselves for dinner table anecdotes. However, I don’t really have dinner parties … and my family and friends are all over the world. Therefore, I’m sharing Love Anecdotes from my life as an expat.


Footloose Lemon Juice About Brazil Travel Blog

Who am I? 

Finally, let’s whizz quickly through my story. I’m 25 from Manchester, UK and ENGAGED to my favorite Brazilian.

I enjoy eating and cooking, playing tennis and learning new languages. I work as a translator and an English teacher currently in Italy.

You can learn about life in Italy as an expat from my interview in expat.com here.

One day, sat applying to universities, I remember saying to my mum that I didn’t want to study languages at university because I am scared of the year abroad. I was a crazyyy little lady and my mum shot it down, thank the lord!

Eight years later and I’ve lived in Ecuador, Guatemala, Spain, Brazil (3 years) and now the Adriatic coast of Italy. There have been enough tears to drown an elephant, but also I met the LOVE OF MY LIFE. So swings and roundabouts. Looking back, I think I would class myself as a fairly seasoned traveler/expat, with a pile of experience I want to hand over to you!

Get in contact – charlotte@footlooselemonjuice.com

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