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Founder of Footloose Lemon Juice, Charlotte, works as a content and marketing consultant. You’ll find her in a hammock at weekends making digital watercolour art and sampling Brazil’s BBQ.

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Our Story

I’ve lived all over the place, but Rio de Janeiro is my home.

This is my Brazil blog, a gift to other wanderers.

There have been enough tears to drown a nation and I also met the love of my life on the streets of Rio de Janeiro.

Are you ready to let your curiosity take you wherever you please?

Call mail me maybe? charlotte@footlooselemonjuice.com

You can learn about previous life in Italy from my interview in expat.com here.


Visit Brazil

A broad selection of topics spanning from my home town and tourist hub Rio de Janeiro, to the winding villages of the State of Minas Gerais’ countryside.

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Brazilian Life

Brazilian Life covers Brazilian cultural topics from painters to Brazilian women heroes.

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Moving Abroad

Writing is therapeutic. Here’s an open journal on moving abroad with storytelling and tips.

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