Footloose Lemon Juice is an educational website that encourages you to discover Brazil and move abroad. Our honesty equals your sanity, so you’ll learn about our failures and successes along the way. We reveal the everyday things from breakdowns navigating the Italian postal system to overcoming homesickness.

Our content veers away from the mundane, bringing you curated Brazilian playlists for roaming the supermarket and short histories of the Brazilian Wild West. Learn about how to become an Airbnb host while you travel the world and our low-effort ways to learn a second language. Find one of a kind guides on less-known destinations in Brazil and a library of resources for learning Portuguese.

About Charlotte

Founder of Footloose Lemon Juice, Charlotte is currently living in Denver, Colorado. She works as a content and marketing assistant in a theatre and a church. You’ll find her in a hammock at weekends making digital watercolour art and sampling the US’ vast array of candy.
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  • Henrique and Charlotte in Pompei
  • Outside mural of Clube de Choro Brasília

Over the last 9 years I’ve lived in Ecuador, Guatemala, Spain, Brazil (3 years), Italy and now the great city of Denver, USA.

There have been enough tears to drown a nation, but also I met the love of my life on the streets of Rio de Janeiro.

Are you ready to let your curiosity take you wherever you please?

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You can learn about previous life in Italy from my interview in here.

Charlotte F&Qs

How did you start you blog?

This blog began after years of pondering what if? When I moved with my partner to Italy, I found myself jobless, Italianless and with few prospects. It began messy, more as a therapeutic process to get my thoughts out of my head. Overtime, I learnt photography, design and how to write more sophisticated articles.

7 random things about me

I’m from Manchester, UK, from a small suburb called Cheadle Hulme.  

I used to want to be a vet.

I took a gap year working and then traveling to Ecuador for 3 months. I’ve loved Latin America ever since.

My sports of choice are tennis and running.

I’m a morning person and eat fruit in the AM.

I taught English in Brazil for 3 years and now teach Portuguese at the University of Denver.

I love house plants, there’s 15 of them in my 600 square ft apartment.

How old are you?

Born in ’92.

When did you first move to Brazil?

I moved to Brazil to study abroad in an exchange program in 2014. During this time, I met my now husband, Henrique. We married 4 years later in England and had a repeat party a year later in the same place, but with friends and family flying in from around the world.

Do you have a degree?

Yes, I graduated from University of Liverpool in Latin American Studies. Half my degree was languages (Spanish and Portuguese) the other half culture and history.

How long have you studied Portuguese?

This is my 10th year studying Portuguese and I still make lots of errors!

What are your writing tips?

I read between 30 – 40 books a year, mostly for fun. I became a significantly better writer after I took the time to read other people’s works.

Some excellent books for writing direction are Ann Handley’s Everyone Writes or Stephen King’s On Writing. Ash Ambirge’s website The Middle Finger Project is an endless resource for freelance writers, she also just published an incredible book with the same name.

Once you start digging around, you’ll find any book, blog or journalist’s memoire will tell you to write every day at a designated time. Practice is the only way.  

How did you learn design?

Mostly I learnt the process of graphic design from Linkedin Learning courses. This is how I came to grips with the Adobe software. Skillshare also has some valid courses. I suggest checking out whether your workplace offers any of these subscriptions for free.

For digital art and resources I use Every-Tuesday, the owner Teela also offers some courses on Skillshare.

Website Structure

Footloose Lemon Juice is split into 4 main sections.

1. Brazilian Travel

A broad selection of topics spanning from my home town and tourist hub Rio de Janeiro, to the winding villages of the State of Minas Gerais’ countryside.

To get you started try:

2. Brazilian Life

Brazilian Life covers cultural topics from Brazil from painters to Brazilian women heros.

To get you started try:

3. Moving Abroad

Writing is therapeutic. As is pouring your heart out and laughing at yourself through storytelling.

Start with the following anecdotes:

Or dive into our moving abroad resources:

4. Portuguese

Library of resources for learning Portuguese.

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