Footloose Lemon Juice is an educational website that encourages you to discover Brazil and move abroad. Our honesty equals your sanity, so you’ll learn about our failures and successes along the way. We reveal the everyday things from breakdowns navigating the Italian postal system to overcoming homesickness.

Our content veers away from the mundane, bringing you curated Brazilian playlists for roaming the supermarket and short histories of the Brazilian Wild West. Learn about how to become an Airbnb host while you travel the world and our low-effort ways to learn a second language. Find one of a kind guides on less-known destinations in Brazil and a library of resources for learning Portuguese.

About Charlotte

Founder of Footloose Lemon Juice Charlotte is currently living in Denver, Colorado.

Over the last 9 years she’s lived in Ecuador, Guatemala, Spain, Brazil (3 years), Italy and now the great city of Denver, USA.

There have been enough tears to drown an elephant, but also I met the love of my life in the streets of Rio de Janeiro.

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You can learn about previous life in Italy from my interview in here.

Website Structure

Footloose Lemon Juice is split into 4 main sections.

1. Brazilian Travel

A broad selection of topics spanning from my home town and tourist hub Rio de Janeiro, to the winding villages of the State of Minas Gerais’ countryside.

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2. Brazilian Life

Brazilian Life covers cultural topics from Brazil from painters to Brazilian women heros.

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3. Moving Abroad

Writing is therapeutic. As is pouring your heart out and laughing at yourself through storytelling.

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4. Portuguese

Library of resources for learning Portuguese.

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