All the Ways to Agree and Disagree in Portuguese

All the ways to agree and disagree in Portuguese

Do you wonder how to get your point across in Portuguese? Equip yourself with all the ways to agree and disagree in Portuguese below!

I’ve often been stuck on knowing how to show support to someone and yearning to deviate from the robotic “sim” (yes).

In fact, did you know that Brazilians barely even utter the word “sim” in everyday speech.

For example, someone offers you a tea:
“Você quer um chá?”

See, to confirm Portuguese speakers mirror the verb in the affirmative. Much like this example of shunning the humble “sim”, Brazilians have devised a colourful array of responses to show both agreement and disagreement in Portuguese.

There’s also a section where you can remain impartial, if you’d rather dodge that discussion or still have no idea what’s going on. I get you.

Agreeing To Do Something

PortugueseLiteral TranslationMeaning in EnglishExample
fechadoclosedit’s a deal“Quer tomar uma hoje?”
combinadocombined agreed“Quer tomar uma hoje?”
 certo correct ok or sure“Posso mandar o projecto amanhã?”
belezabeautifulcool “Churrasco esse sábado na minha casa?”
tá bomit is goodok “Estou atrasado então vamos encontrar às 7 horas?”
“tá bom”

Declining To Do Something

PortugueseLiteral TranslationMeaning in EnglishExample
não vai darit will not giveit’s not going to work or it’s not possible“Vamos para a festa do Miguel hoje á noite?”
“Hoje não vai dá porque tenho que trabalhar cedo amanhã.”
na próximain the nextnext time “Quer assistir o jogo de futebol com a gente?”
“Na próxima, vou para casa agora.”
essa vez nãothis time noNot this time“Quer jogar tênis de novo no clube”
“Esse vez não, porque não trouxe os sapatos certos”
não queroI don’t wantI don’t want to (get straight to the point!)“Quer pegar um Uber?”
“Não quero, vou de ônibus.”
Santa Teresa viewpoint

Agreeing or Disagreeing with an Opinion

Agree in PortugueseEnglishDisagree in PortugueseEnglish
concordoI agreediscordoI disagree
estou de acordoI agreenão concordoI disagree
está certothat’s right or correctnão está certothat’s incorrect
tem razãoyou’re right não tem razãoyou’re not right
faz sentidoit makes sensenão faz sentidoit doesn’t make sense
claroof course

Other Interjections to Show Support

é verdadethat’s true
absolutamente absolutely
sem dúvidano doubt / without doubt
com certeza definitely

Interjections to Show You Disagree in Portuguese

duvidoI doubt it
duvido que … + subjunctiveI doubt that …
sem chanceno way
de jeito nenhumin no way / no way

When You Don’t Know

Sei láI don’t know
Não seiI don’t know
Não faço ideiaI have no idea

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