Brazilian YouTube Sensations You Should Know

Discover the top Brazilian YouTube Channels: Join the 69 Million regular viewers! While the US takes the lead in YouTube users with 167.4 million, Brazil follows closely with 69.5 million, representing one-third of the country’s population. What are Brazilians watching on YouTube? Despite the growth of English proficiency in the country, the majority of Brazilian viewers are still consuming Portuguese-language content. Keep reading to explore the most popular Brazilian YouTube channels and find out what’s trending.

1. KondZilla (Brazilian Funk)

With 63.9 million subscribers KondZilla is a cult phenomena. A Brazilian YouTube channel dedicated solely to the Brazilian genre Funk, which is something between hip-hop, pop and rap with a lot of scantily dressed dancers. Funk emerged in favela communities, originally informal settlements that nowadays house large swathes of the Brazilian population. The channel has a whole library of clips that can also show a glimpse into favelas. Learn about the movement in How KondZiller Took Funk Out of the Favelas and into the Mainstream.

Watch Canal KondZilla.

Most Popular KondZilla Clips:

Empreendedores Da Quebrada (Ghetto Entrepreneurs), 2.5 million views

Part of a Netflix short documentary series, Ghetto Entrepreneurs tells the story of 5 businesses that grew in the São Paulo region. The idea is to encourage young people to pursue their dreams no matter their circumstances.

MC Menor MR, 102 million views

Soundtrack to the Netflix series Sintonia and sung by the founder of the KondZiller channel. Just some classic Brazilian Funk for you.

2. Whindersson Nunes (Comedian and Singer)

A comedian from the State of Piauí, Whindersson rose to fame from his Brazilian YouTube channel in 2012. Famous for skits, stand-ups and comedy songs he became the Brazilian with the most subscribers in 2016. He currently stands at 42.2M subscribers.

Watch Whinderssonnunes’ Channel.

Best Whindersson Nunes Clips:

Alô Vó, Tô Reprovado (hi, Grandma, I failed the year) 13 million views

This was the comedy song that brought Whindersson into Brazil’s hall of YouTube fame.

Cachorro e Gato (Dog and Cat) 15 million views.

3. Felipe Neto (Gamer and Comedian)

Neto surfed to fame on the rise of Gaming Influencers. Yes, he plays video games, commentates and people watch him. Some of his videos can reach 2 hours and his loyal band of followers lap it up. Now Felipe Neto has 41.7 million subscribers, but he’s founded several other YouTube channels expanding his reach.

Watch Felipe Neto’s Channel.

Best Felipe Neto Clips:

Felipe Neto plays The Sims

Trump Isn’t the Worst Covid President

Neto also dipped his foot in Brazilian politics. In the middle of the COVID-19 pandemic, Neto appealed to North American voters to stop voting for Trump, who in return was propping up right-wing president Jair Bolsonaro.

4. Porta dos Fundos (Comedy Skits)

A YouTube channel run by a small army of Brazilian comedian actors. Porta dos Fundos uploads several 3-4 minute sketches a week poking fun at many aspects of Brazilian life. Access their website for a comprehensive breakdown of series, topics and cast members. The channel has garnered 16.8 million subscribers so far.

Watch Porta Dos Fundos

Best Porta dos Fundos Clips:

A Galinha Chorou (The Chicken Cried), 2.6 million views

Minha Casa, Sua Casa (My House, Your House), 9.7 million views

5. Você Sabia (Curiosities Around the World) 

With 40 million subscribers Você Sabia brings together curiosities from everywhere around the world, in Portuguese. This Brazilian YouTube channel is split between science, comedy and popular culture. It’s very random.

Watch Você Sabia here.

Best Você Sabia Clips:

Now NASA is going to study Brazilians, 3.4 million views

18 Errors in Animations that You Never Noticed!, 7.1 million views

6. ParaFernalha 

With 12.5 million subscribers ParaFernalha is another comedy skit channel. Brazilians like to laugh. This channel was founded by Felipe Neto.

Watch ParaFernalha.

Best ParaFernalha Clips:

How Not to Avoid a Mugging, 22 million views

Types of People Watching Movies, 2.3 million views

7. Barbixas (Comedy Game Show)

Barbixas is the new era of game shows. Imitating the mini comedy tasks of classics like Whose Line Is It Anyway, this is an excellent way to hone your Portuguese comprehension skills. The Barbixas team have 3.46 million subscribers.

Watch Barbixas.

Best Barbixas Clips:

Italian Mafia, 2 million views

Cow Abduction, 500 thousand views

Brazilian YouTube Channels Not on Comedy

8. Marcelo Bolinha Carnes (Butcher, Cowboy, BBQ master)

A Gaucho (from Rio Grande do Sul) Marcelo is a BBQ master. He has 613 thousand subscribers, but his videos hail hundreds and thousands of views as Brazilians all over crave his precious grilling knowledge. Next time you’re wanting to impress with an authentic grill, hop over to Marcelo’s Brazilian YouTube channel.

Watch Marcelo Bolinha Carnes Channel.

Best Marcelo Bolinho de Carne Clip:

Steakhouse Ribs, 3 million views

9. Marília Mendonça (Sertanejo Singer)

Sertanejo singer Marília Mendoça has 21.3 million subscribers. She sings mainly about heartbreak.

Watch Marília Mendonça’s YouTube Channel.

Best Marilia Mendoça Clip:

Infiel (Unfaithful), 535 million views

10. Anitta (Funkeira)

Anitta has performed with Iggy Azalea, J Balvin and performed at the Latin Grammy Awards and Rock in Rio. She now has a Netflix series on her life called Vai Anitta and 15.1 million YouTube subscribers.

Watch Anitta’s Brazilian YouTube Channel

Best Anitta Clip:

Vai Malandra (Go Bad Girl), 416 million views

11. Wesley Safadão (Sertanejo Singer)

With a name like Safadão (naughty boy), he was always destined for stardom, but he also began his career with a stylish swishing ponytail. Safadão has 12.6 million subscribers on YouTube.

Watch Wesley Safadão’s YouTube Channel.

Best Safadão Clip:

Ele é Ele, Eu Sou Eu (He’s him, I’m me), 121 million views

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