Culture Vulture

A gargantuan effort at bringing the mysterious, frolicsome, wistful Brazilian culture to the masses. Not your average, humdrum blog, but an enticing accumulation of articles. Sweat, love and tears went into crafting content that will make you drool with wonder at the giant tropical Brazil or even decamp altogether.

Brazilian Culture Post Types

1. News makes the world go down:

A place where you can internalize the arduous truth about the fact that King Jong-un’ has a Brazilian passport. Then ponder surreptitiously where your life is heading and why you should be following suit. So maybe one day you can skedaddle and land in the big Brazil forever more.

2.  Art is for smucks:

Which is exactly why this ain’t a pompous rendition of renaissance painting, but enticing chronicles of contemporary Brazilian culture to wet your appetite with all things tropical, banana, sexy and delicious.

3. Thy stomach leads the way:

Even skinny minnies go through life reminiscing about when and where there next meal will materialize. 99.8 % of the time the first move as you step off that plane is food heaven. What heavenly comestible will this new land have in store for me? Therefore, I’ve scratched together the most desirable Brazilian food in existence and just exactly how Brazilian culture has shaped the cultural experience here.



The Emergence of Hostile Environments for the Refugee We are in an era of “every man for himself.” Defend your property with savage prowess and get scrappy to win success. Traditionally liberal countries are seeing the emergence of rogue parties,…

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