Left Brain Dominated Psycho?

Left Brain Dominated Psycho

I found a note I’d written to myself the other day. This was it:

Check expenses
Ad approval
Birthday (Happy)

The last point on my agenda where I reminded myself it was a colleague’s birthday and then in brackets reminded myself that I should probably wish them a happy one? Am I a psycho? Like a might slip up and wish them a scary birthday…

Apparently, the way we process information is down to the feng shui of our brains. Which maybe explains my strange notetaking? 

My mum sent the group chat this image of a shoe asking what colours we saw.

Apparently pink/gold is right dominant brain and grey/ green is left dominant brain. I saw grey-green and hopped over to Google to reveal what outcome this would have on my life.

Apparently left dominated brain is sequencing, thinking in words, facts and maths.

Right is imagination, rhythm, and arts. Whichever is dominant, is your forte.

I mean, I count myself as a creative, but I do have a weird dependent relationship with to do lists. I declutter like my life depends on it, but I just read that creativity is the right dominants’ king. Creativity is my king. I swear it. So where do we go from here? 

I asked my husband to do the same test.

He saw pink. He’s a righty. And in some ways, we are so different in processing information. He absorbs new recipes by watching YouTube videos. If there is something that drives me up the wall it’s when instructions are only offered in video format. Wasting miserable minutes while I wait for the speaker to get to the point, then have to rewind because the critical moment happens in 10 seconds flat. It drives me potty.

H. and I are fundamentally different according to the obviously highly accurate shoe picture experiment. Did I take the wrong career path? 

This theory really just depends on the refraction of the light, the quality of your screen and time of day. It’s a Facebook hoax. 

But what if someone had told me that maths was deep-seated in my brain format and now I was hovelling away punching numbers in a spreadsheet while my creative soul died!? 

(Punching numbers in a spreadsheet is a noble profession and one that earns more than I do. It’s just not my cup of tea).

I’m a left brainer so should I give up my artistic pursuits tomorrow? Throw in the towel and hand my business to my apparently more artistically inclined husband? 

Labels are damaging. Racial profiling kills. Bias deprives highly skilled candidates from jobs and promotions. Perhaps there’s pockets of wisdom on how best you absorb information through the dominant brain side theory, but don’t bet your life on it.

There are labels, theories and your own free will, which one is going to wrench you out of bed each morning? 

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