Moving Abroad

Places to Live in Brazil Rio

All the Types of Places You Could Live in Brazil

Brazilians set down roots just about anywhere. From living in the vegetation of the Amazon to in houses that hover on stilts above rivers or deltas. Though this may sound…

Moving To USA

Moving To Italy

Toothaches and Haircuts graphic

Toothaches and Haircuts

It’s a chilly Italian morning, the frost infiltrates the Venetian blinds and envelopes me in a humid cloud of chill.…
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Diluted Identity

This week I’m suffering from mouth ulcers. I went on a salt and vinegar rampage brought on by a bout…
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R.I.P Crabs - Footloose Lemon Juice

R.I.P Crabs

Eating crabs is a messy eater’s worst nightmare. You can spend an excruciating 45 minutes cracking open a plate of…
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