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Tired of extortionate fees for official translation services Portuguese to English?



Sick of a paid service being handed off to distant third party translators?



Want to have a real conversation, personalized translation service and direct access to your translator?




Look no further, I have you covered translation seekers. Official translation services Portuguese to English completed by a competent, professional translator. Complete transparency and as many questions as you need to feel 100% onboard with your translation service decision.


When it comes to our globalized and internet controlled society you need to communicate effectively with customers. Why keep an obstacle between you and millions of more potential customers because of a tiny issue of speaking different languages? Translation services Portuguese to English is exactly what we specialize in, here at Footloose Lemon Juice.


Google translate just doesn’t cut it anymore. Voice recognition translation apps, forget it.


Compelling translation is an art. A skill set that incorporates cultural know-how and linguistic prowess. Accepting second best for translation services Portuguese to English when dealing with your business content, would be counterproductive and we are here to value your work, not discredit it.


You deserve the best.


You already wrote your best, let us translate your best.



Official Translation Services Portuguese to English - Footloose Lemon Juice

Reasons to invest in official translation services Portuguese to English:



1. Literal translations can alter your message


“Nem que a vaca tussa.”

Not even when the cow sneezes.

This is an idiom used to describe a situation that would be impossible. Such as a stranger asks to borrow 1000 dollars or your 13 year old wants to go clubbing. You would say: “Nem que a vaca tussa,” no way in hell.

In English we would render a different idiom and therefore, a completely different translation.

“When pigs fly.” This is the best translation of Portuguese to English.



“Não deu certo.”

It didnt give correct. 

This translation of Portuguese to English is poor because it is grammatically incorrect. In Portuguese, “Não deu certo,” means that something did not work out.

“It didn’t work” or “it wasn’t successful,” would be more accurate translations.



2. Cultural insight avoids obsolete or offensive translations



If you head to a dictionary or even google translate the direct translation of this word is the similar equivalent in English – Ridiculous.

Unfortunately, the two words hold very different connotations and waiting in the two languages. In Portuguese the translation is much stronger and would be offensive to use. Thus, it is only employed for use when the speaker is justly angry at a situation. Whereas, in English ridiculous can be more light hearted referring to a silly situation.


Best translation from Portuguese to English:


Ridículo – absurd or ludicrous

Ridiculous – engraçado or bobo 



3. Ambiguity can render a completely useless or even offensive message

Imagine words that have several different translations.


Glass = vidro (the material), óculos (for seeing better), copo (for drinking). 

Colher = it has two translations in English: “to harvest” or “a spoon.”  


Therefore, it is so important to get the right translation or there could be some mishaps.





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