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The Perks of Marrying a Foreigner

Marrying a foreigner is like a radical sport. Imagine the risks. Normally, a couple might argue ardently about the toilet paper over/ under quarrel. Undeniably a worthy dispute. But in comparison,…

Brazil’s Prison Pandemic

The ethical parallels between Brazil’s prison pandemic and the US’s.  On 31 January 2019 the New York Times published an article that highlighted the case of a US public lawyer who…

How to be a Good Airbnb Host 101

Airbnb gave me the opportunity to travel the world, whilst simultaneously paying off my mortgage. It was, however, a steep learning curve and this article will be your guide to becoming a good Airbnb host.

Redistribution of Wealth in Brazil

A Peaceful Path to Redistribution of Wealth As brows worldwide furry with concern at Brazil’s new political leadership, Brazilian voters and electors alike are brandishing a badge of self-righteousness. Cue,…

Learn About Brazil

A gargantuan effort at bringing the mysterious, frolicsome, wistful Brazilian culture to the masses. Not your average, humdrum blog, but an enticing accumulation of articles. Sweat, love and tears went…

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What Takes Your Fancy?   Moving Abroad Brazilian Culture, History & News Travel     Moving Abroad     There are moments in your life that I call turnstile events….

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