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Learn About Brazil

A gargantuan effort at bringing the mysterious, frolicsome, wistful Brazilian culture to the masses. Not your average, humdrum blog, but an enticing accumulation of articles. Sweat, love and tears went…

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What Takes Your Fancy?   Moving Abroad Brazilian Culture, History & News Travel     Moving Abroad     There are moments in your life that I call turnstile events….

40 Fascinating Facts on Brazil

Far from being a jungle paradise Brazil has both the largest rainforest and the biggest city in Latin America. You have cowboys in the South and Wild West Stories from…

Brazilian World Cup Chants

This time four years ago,  I found myself sporting my first canary yellow Brazilian football jersey. Dining with my boyfriend and his mum, stuffing our faces on all you can…

R.I.P Crabs

Eating crabs is a messy eater’s worst nightmare. You can spend an excruciating 45 minutes cracking open a plate of crabs, just to munch on the tiny morsels of sweet…

Visiting Favelas Responsibly

Before we charge into favelas, bamboozled by the mass of precariously stacked buildings that seem by some miracle to all squash into a tiny space, it is important to understand…

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