The Ultimate List of Portuguese Daily Routine Vocabulary

The Ultimate list of Portuguese daily routine vocabulary

In the depths of the high school language classroom learning routine vocabulary in Portuguese may have seemed a waste of time. Once you mature, you realize how much day-to-day duties consume your day. Alas, you needed Portuguese daily routine vocabulary all along.

Furthermore, there can be a fair amount of ambiguity in Portuguese daily routine vocabulary. For instance tomar café is the abbreviated phrase for having breakfast, where tomar um café is just gulping a coffee. You’d be highly distressed if you turned up for breakfast and were shooed away with a measly coffee.

Vamos para a labuta is an idiom for Portuguese daily routine, let's go to work.
Vamos para a labuta is an idiom for let’s go to work.

Getting Up and Going to Bed in Portuguese

Acordarto wake up
Despertar-seto wake up (o despertador = alarm clock)
Levantar-seto get up
Colocar roupa / vestir-seto get dressed
Escovar os dentesto brush your teeth
Pentear o cabeloto brush or comb your hair (BTW:cabelo is hair on your head, whereas pelo is hair everywhere else!)
Tomar (um) banhoto take a shower (BTW: “vai tomar banho” can be an insult for telling someone ‘to get lost’)
Ir ao banheiroto go to the bathroom
Lavar o rostoto wash your face
Fazer a barbato shave (barba is beard, this phrase translates literally as ‘to do the beard‘)
Ir para camato go to bed
dormirto sleep (dormi bem = I slept well)
deitar-seto lie down
Tirar a roupato take off your clothes / to undress
Secar o cabelodry your hair
Alisar o cabeloto straighten your hair
Encaracolar os cabelosto curl your hair (caracóis are curls, cabelos encaracolados is curly hair)
Pintar o cabeloto dye your hair
Pintar as unhasto paint your nails
Depilar or fazer depilaçãoto shave (not beard, elsewhere)
Botar maquiagemto do your makeup
Fazer quitanda - doing grocery shopping.
Fazer quitanda is an old fashioned way to say buy the groceries.

Daily Routine in Portuguese Around the Kitchen

Almoçarto have lunch
Jantarto have dinner
Cozinharto cook
Assarto bake or roast
Ferverto boil
Refogarto simmer
Grelharto grill
Cortar or Picarto cut up or chop
Misturarto mix
Mexerto stir

Household Chores for Daily Routine in Portuguese

Lavar roupato wash clothes or do the washing (máquina de lavar is washing machine)
Passar roupato iron
Fazer a faxinato clean the house (general all over clean is faxina and a cleaner who works just for a day is called faxineira)
Arrumar a casado the chores
Pendurar a roupa hang up the clothes
Lavar a chão wash the floor
Esfregarto mop (um esfregão is mop)
 Aspirarto vacuum
Tirar o lixotake out the trash/ rubbish
 Tirar póto dust
Cortar um dobrado means to have a tough day part of Portuguese daily routine vocabulary.
Cortar um dobrado means to have a tough day.

The Rest of Your Brazilian Daily Routine

Pagar as contaspay the bills
Malharto work out or go to the gym
Fazer exercícioto do exercise
Relaxar or descansarto relax or to rest
Fazer as comprasto do the shopping (groceries)
Resolver coisasto run errands

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