Hi, I’m Charlotte the founder of Footloose Lemon Juice, a website that educates on Brazil and moving abroad. I’m a content strategist and marketer. My passion is creating quality content that will bring value to customers and drive sales. I specialize in writing articles that create an emotional link with the reader and resources that bring value. This is how we build relationships that go past just pumping out advertisements.

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I offer a number of business opportunities including guest blogging, social media management, email strategy, website management and copy writing. If you have a project you would like to collaborate on, please fill in the business inquiries form below.

I also build unique websites around your brand and direction and offer website management for a monthly fee.

Writing Samples

When Was the First Time You Went to the Theatre? For The Newman Center for the Performing Arts (2020)Jesus Chose the Broken Ones for Hope Denver (2020)
Camille A. Brown Live Streams Social Dance for Social Distancing for The Newman Center for the Performing Arts (2020)Newman Center for the Performing Arts Season Reveal 2019-2020 Press Release (2019)
Building Civil Society in Brazil – Brazilian Non-Profits in Denver for World Denver (2018)Bolsa Família is Set to Increase to R$176 per Month in Brazil for The Rio Times (2016)
The Perks of Marrying a Foreigner for Footloose Lemon Juice
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