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As brows worldwide furry with concern at Brazil’s new political leadership, Brazilian voters and electors alike are brandishing a badge of self-righteousness. Cue, Brazil’s presidential campaign’s buzzword, “Morality Crisis.” Newspapers, academics and politicians reeled off the declaration that the reason for Brazil’s turmoil and soaring crime levels came down to a morality crisis. This is veritably accurate, however, as the masses point the finger at corrupt politicians and criminal assailants, it is perhaps the upper class society that should take a long look at its moral stature. 


On 24th October 2018, Robert Dannenberg, a 24 year veteran of the CIA, captivated WorldDenver members by articulating the notion that Putin is seemingly: meddling within worldwide election processes; extending influence into a number of key countries; whilst increasing undercover activity, violating arms treaties, executed cover-ups, and regrettably sees no reason to stop…



The Yankees got one. The Frenchies got one. Even the Russians got one. We’re talking a blood-spurting revolution to march into the era of “modernity”. Brazil, however, did not jump on the band wagon. Despite the belief that violence lies in every corner of Brazil, their independence from the Portuguese was remarkably pacific. It involved the heir to the Portuguese thrown, Dom Pedro I, declaring Brazil’s independence in 1822.



Originally, Aristoteles coined the term “civil society” as a pursuit of shared values to further the greater good of society. Today, building civil society is deemed as strengthening the contract between state and society. The term has become increasingly prominent among political agendas, because of a realization that bottom-up approaches often instigate more sustainable social change. Therefore, governments, along with private sector corporate responsibility schemes, have furthered involvement through lending their expertise to equip the third sector institutions who are driving social impact grass-roots movements.




The penny dropped the day I was trapped in the house of a great aunt. The crux of the matter is my boyfriend was trying to give me a taste of “rural Brazil.” Bizarrely, this involves the blessing of some rather distant relatives. Beats me why, but you’ve just got to roll with the Brazilian mindset sometimes. The great aunt is talking me down. She’s telling me her life story. I’m fathoming no more than 10 percent of the chronicles and feeling really rather faint at this point. I’ve been known to exaggerate, however, I sincerely believe I must have been there for four hours. Not so bad you say. All the same, four hours minus the ten percent that I understood, equals a grand total of 216 minutes of complete nonsense.




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