Work With Me

Hi, I’m Charlotte the founder of Footloose Lemon Juice, a website that educates on Brazil and moving abroad. I’m a content strategist and marketer. My passion is creating quality content that will bring value to customers and drive sales. I specialise in writing articles that create an emotional link with the reader and resources that bring value.

This is how we build relationships that go past just pumping out advertisements.

Content Strategy and Custom Built Websites

I build on point websites, blog posts and emails around your brand’s mission and aspirations. Let me help you improve your online presence.

Writing Samples

When Was the First Time You Went to the Theatre? For The Newman Center for the Performing Arts (2020)

Camille A. Brown Live Streams Social Dance for Social Distancing for The Newman Center for the Performing Arts (2020)

A Column: get a taste for my writing style in my fortnightly column and newsletter

The Perks of Marrying a Foreigner for Footloose Lemon Juice